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The Steam UK compensation claim against Valve

Valve Corporation, the owner and operator of Steam, faces a compensation claim from UK consumers accusing the digital gaming platform of excessive prices and anti-competitive behaviour.


Gaming giant Steam accused of ripping off 14m UK gamers

Consumer Voice

PC gaming platform Steam faces £656m compensation lawsuit from UK consumers 


Team Fortress, Half-Life and Portal game developer faces £656m lawsuit in London court

Commercial Dispute Resolution

PC-gaming giant to face collective proceedings in the UK


PC Gaming Giant Valve Faces £656M Action For Overcharging

About the Claim

Are you a PC gamer? Have you used Steam or any other online video game platform?

On 5 June 2024 Vicki Shotbolt filed a ground-breaking claim against leading PC gaming platform operator, Valve, in relation to its Steam platform.

Vicki Shotbolt is a leading campaigner for children and families’ digital rights and filed the claim in the Competition Appeal Tribunal on behalf of affected UK PC gamers in the UK.

If the claim is successful, you could be eligible for compensation if you paid for PC video games or add-on game content in the UK from 5 June 2018 .

Key stats

13 years old

You could be owed compensation if you are a PC gamer and at least 13 years old or are the parent of a PC gamer.


The number of games available on the Steam gaming platform.

Up to 30%

The rate of commission Valve charges for games sold on Steam.

£656 million

The total amount of compensation that has been estimated as owed by Valve to UK consumers.

14 million

The number of PC gamers in the UK who could have been overcharged by Valve.

£22 to £44

The amount of money that affected gamers could be owed in the UK (with consumers in Scotland potentially owed more compensation).